Waste Management

Jobbers Automotive’s Waste Management program is your path to a cleaner, greener, and more profitable business. We deep-dive into your current practices, analyze waste streams, contracts, and operations. Based on our findings, we craft a customized action plan to slash costs by up to 40% and boost recycling by 20%.

There’s no risk for you. We pay our fees solely from the savings we generate, and you never pay more than before. We’re your transparent partner, working exclusively for you and keeping everything open-book. Let Jobbers Automotive handle your waste, unlock hidden value, and watch your bottom line flourish.

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The Program

  • Examine the current service levels, including collection, hauling and disposal.
  • Look backwards to understand why the current Waste Streams are in place.
  • This includes reviewing current waste and recycling contracts as well as the physical operation.
  • Document all findings and Identify cost and efficiency improvements.
  • Report and present findings to our client for approval.
  • Implement approved ideas.
  • Monitor actual results to ensure anticipated savings are realized.
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Risk Free and Transparent

  • Never pay more for any services than you are currently paying.
  • No Savings for you = No fee for us.
  • We do all the work and our fee is a percent of your savings.
  • We are truly your partners in this program.
  • We are not paid anything ever from any waste hauler or other vendor and we only work for you, our client.
  • Everything we do is transparent to your organization and you receive all copies of every underlying invoice as our backup to our consolidated invoice.
Typical Program Results

Typical Program Results

  • Cost Savings of 40%
  • Increased Recycling of 20%