Credit Card Processing

Jobbers Automotive has teamed up with a cost-reduction firm specializing in credit card processing fees, to provide you with a no-risk solution to remove significant wasted spend from your merchant account without switching processors or changing anything about your accounting system or point-of-sale. Let our proven audit process identify savings opportunities associated with the unnecessary costs from credit card transaction and processing fees.

Save on Credit Card Processing Fees with Jobbers Automotive

Lower credit card processing fees without changing processors.

Most businesses are being overcharged within their merchant account. They often believe that there is only one way to achieve lower credit card processing fees: change processors. This is often a mistake. It’s typically best to stay with the processor you already have.

Simplify your existing merchant account

Jobbers Automotive and its Partners simplifies your existing merchant account.

Credit card processing fees are complex ON PURPOSE. The industry is made up of numerous banks, card-brands, and processors … and all of them influence the fees businesses pay. To lower these fees, you need extensive expertise, insider knowledge, and mountains of industry benchmark data. Jobbers Automotive has you covered. We will optimize your merchant account and fix every error and overcharge … without any need to change processors. And you don’t pay us a dime until we bring that money back to you.

Identifying the problem

Identifying the problem.

You have very little control over your merchant account credit card processing fees. Yes, you have a direct relationship with your merchant processor. But only a small amount of the credit card processing fees you pay go to that processor. Most go to the bank that issued the credit card … and you have no leverage with that bank. Most of their fees go to the bank that issued the credit card to your customer … and they have no leverage with that bank. These are called INTERCHANGE FEEs. And they can be lowered.


Processing fee optimization.

Many merchants recognize that they’re losing money on credit card processing fees, but they don’t have the expertise to identify where it’s happening or how to fix it.

With our proprietary process:

  • You get full transparency of your merchant processing fees
  • Your account is optimized to the lowest possible rate
  • You receive all applicable industry or card-type discounts
  • We can even lower your interchange fees
  • We do all of the work for you

Average Fee Reductions: 10-30%