About Jobbers Automotive

Since 1949, Jobbers Automotive has dedicated itself to supporting dealerships, autobody shops, and collision centers by offering expert advice, equipment, and comprehensive services essential for their success.

Jobbers Automotive, a leading Ohio-based distributor of automotive products and services, has proudly served dealerships and collision centers for over 70 years. Established in 1949, Jobbers built a strong reputation for exceptional service and high-quality offerings, ranging from automotive coatings and janitorial supplies to body shop equipment and office essentials.

In June 2023, Jobbers Automotive embarked on an exciting new chapter by joining forces with DealerShop, a North American leader in dealership and collision center solutions. This strategic partnership aims to expand Jobbers’ reach and product portfolio while leveraging synergies to drive growth and enhance value for customers.

DealerShop, founded in 1999, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. As part of the Leader Auto Resources (LAR) family, DealerShop serves over 3,000+ dealerships, 300+ collision centers and 100+ trade schools/transit authorities across North America, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions, including high-volume and private-label products, direct services, equipment, and training.

Together, Jobbers Automotive and DealerShop form a powerful force in the automotive industry. This collaboration strengthens their collective commitment to delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions to dealerships and collision centers nationwide. By combining Jobbers’ established reputation with DealerShop’s extensive network, the combined entity is poised for continued growth and industry leadership.